Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuttlebug Altered Tags2

Here is another version of the same concept of the altered tags. I used lace instead of ribbon this time.Obviously I have used different backgrounds but the tag production is the same. It was a plane red tag but I Swiss Dotted it and sanded it. I also put Dimensional Magic over the letters but it might be a little hard to see on this.

Thank you Libby

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Libby for all the inspiration she has given me in using the Cuttlebug. I would never have bought one if she hadn't made me play with hers at Pecky's. Her blog is unreal and if you haven't visited it you must as she outlines so many ideas.She is an incredible woman and lives a busy life. Libby understands my plight of not enough hours in the day to do all you want as teaching is such a full on career for dedicated teachers.So Thank you Libby( Liddy as Jess used to call you), you are a wonderful friend.
I would also like to thank Libby for the help and guidance she gave me in improving my knowledge of blogs.I have come a long way since she helped me in so many areas.
Friends are precious.Some are silver some are gold.Thanks for being my friend.

Cuttlebug Altered Tags

This card is another altered gift card I put through with the Swiss Dots and swiped it with ink after I had sanded it. The tag was red all over with no dots to begin with.
The patterned paper was done with THAT folder that I have hardly used but now love it. LOL. The paper is Wendy Irving and I have cut around the Poinsettia to overlap the tag.
The beauty of these cards is you don't have to stamp the sentiments if you don't want to as they are already on the tag. In this one i did put With Love on the top from the Cuttlebug.

I've Won an Award

Look what my good friend Libby (who has inspired me to great lengths on the Cuttlebug) awarded me. I love awards.
I need to award this to 5 people.
The rules for receiving the award are simple:
1. the winner may put the logo on their blog;
2. put a link to the person who sent you the award;
3. nominate 5 blogs;
4. put links to their blogs; and
5. leave a message for your nominees.
So here are my blogs:
1.Gail (who is my soul sister and ever so creative)
2.Haylee (who is talented and a lovely person)
3.Sharon (Who does lovely work and is very thoughtful)
4.Michelle ( Who I have only just met through blogging and her work is fantastic)
5.Rita ( Whom I also just met through blogging and she has inspired me to do different things)

Cuttlebug Negative Star

I have used the silver negative on green metallic cardstock
and this time have left the star negative so you can see the green of the card behind. I have inked it in silver and used bling to add to the shininess.

Cuttlebug Star Negative

This card shows what you can do with the negative of the cardstock when the star layers are cut out.

I have used the gold negative but glued a piece of silver metallic cardstock behind. I inked the card in gold Versa Color and I have added some Kaiser Bling.

Cuttlebug Star Die-close up

This is a close up of the star. This particular card looks better in real life as you can see the different colours. The negative from the 2 cuts can be saved and used and I will share that next.

Cuttlebug Star Die

I made this card and several others that I will share either today and tomorrow.
I used the Cuttlebug Star Die. I cut one star set out in Silver cardstock and one set out in Gold.I then swapped the two colours around so there were alternate colours like silver,gold ,silver,gold.The sentiments were popped up and the ribbon at the top twisted as I taped it down.

Can you count?

Can you count how many heads are off my Agapanthas? I wonder who did this? If you guessed Cooper then you a e right. I was so upset. I explained to him how these only flower once a year and I love them and it has made me feel sad that he has recked them for me. So he has left some flowers on them for me.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Quick Layout

This layout shows how quick you can put one together plus at little expense.

Only one photo was matted and the flowers were punched from scrap paper with brads as the centres. Poser are stickers as is smile and I wrote Amanda and the date with a gel pen and a stencil.
The squiggly lines were drawn freehand.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cittlebug-Part 2 The Impatient Way

Another Impatient technique that looks good-well I think so. A demonstration on my favourite saying " You don't make a mistake, you make a creation."This was done the same way as the previous card-yes quickly and 10 minutes before i left for school. You have to act when the inspiration hits. LOL. This time I used different coloured Oil pastel in different parts. Once again the Gesso wasn't dry and we get several different colours throughout. The cardstock was originally that yellow colour. In both cards i used Kaiser pearls and bling to decorate the cards.

Cuttlebug -Decorating the Impatient Way

Who would have guessed this was the same technique described by Mel on Oil Pastels and Gesso. It looks a little different because I am an impatient medium worker. LOL. I bugged the yellow(same colour as the sentiment) cardstock, put a pinkish oil pastel over the raised parts and then painted the whole lot with White Gesso. Me, being me and impatient counted to 10 and thought well this Gesso should be dry by now and proceeded to wipe it off with some lunch wrap ( I did it 10 minutes before I went to school and wanted to see the effects straight away, so lunch wrap was at hand).Well, the Oil Pastels blended into the Gesso and the Gesso went pinkish. I do like the look but some was wiping off so i gave it a squirt of the Crystallina Kindy Glitz and wiped it all over and now no problem of anything wiping off.

Sanded Stickers and More

Sometimes we have stickers that we feel need something done to them.In this case I sanded them and put the title in rub-ons over the sticker. These stickers are border ones and by sanding them, they tie in with the froth of the ocean. The photos also have either rub-ons (Beach) and stamps with Staz-on (Amanda) on them.
Don't forget eyelets make a cheap but effective embellishment.
The idea is to experiment and come up with your own creation.
These stickers can also be used with cards.

Another School Scrapbooking Class

Here is another layout I did with the kids at school. This one I wanted to show them how you can make your own template and use it over and over again. In this case it is the chipboard corner. I have several of these cut out in chipboard that I use as templates. I just trace around them and cut out and there you have it, an embellishment. This one we put holes in the chipboard after it was painted with Kaiser paints and then shaded with a paler shade.The journalling was done after very faint pencil lines were traced from a stencil and the border lines were also traced from a stencil.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Page Layout for Class at school

I have a scrapbooking/card class every Tuesday during lunch at school for students who want to come and learn a skill plus have a nice time. I get varying numbers and the kids love it. I try and keep it simple but learn something new each time. This layout the kids got to use stamps and stencils. They loved working with the stamps. The students who did it this week were 13 yrs old. It is so Nice to see the enthusiasm

Cuttlebug Red Tag Card

Here is the red card similar to the lime one.I did the reverse effect on the embossing of the tag.Which means when i sanded it a lot of the red colour came off and the red is in the indented part. I used Kindy Glitz and the main embossed part has a hint of red on the pattern. I slightly inked the folder before I put it through the Cuttlebug.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cuttlebug Tag card-lime close up.

This is the last post for today.I will send through the red ones tomorrow. I am tired and need to go to bed after I have checked a few things. School tomorrow so i need my beauty sleep.
Hope you have have fun creating and sharing.

Cuttlebug Gift tag Card-Lime

The gift tags are nice with the glitter around the edges but the

plain shiny surface is boring after you have played with so may things with the Cuttlebug.I used Libby's half Christmas tree idea on the front of the card and some nice lime ribbon worked well with the colours. I inked the green using Versa Color after the tree had been embossed. I also added some Crystallina Kindy Glitz to tie in with the glitter around the edge of the tag. This tag has the embossed part up so I sanded it to give whitish-green effect.

Cuttlebug Gift Tags

Look what I bought today at Lincraft!!! Libby this is your fault. I have bugged them and sanded them. They no longer look like this.I wonder what else I can find out there to "BUG"
I don't have to stamp Merry Christmas on the cards that have these on them. Way to go for bulk cards. Saves time.

Cuttlebug Stamping border

This one I used the thin side of the foam to make a border. I stamped and re-inked the image a few times one next to the other length ways. I spread Crystallina Kindy Glitz all over the stamped image. The image standing alone has been raised. The card is metallic cardstock.

Cuttlebug stamping again

This card was made much the same way as the previous one. I used the Christmas Tree Folder and only embossed into the foam part of the pattern. There are various shades of green here depending on the amount of pressure and ink on the foam. I used Bronze Kindy Glitz to highlight some parts.The ribbon is Bazzill and the cardstock metallic.

Cuttlebug-Merry Christmas

This is another card made by stamping with the Embossed Cuttlebug images onto cardstock.I used a green ink pad and swiped the pad across the cuttlebug impression and then stamped onto cardstock and again without re-inking to give a faded looked. I did the same with the red. I then inked around all the edges and put it together like shown in the card. The pearls are Kaiser.

Cuttlebug Stamped Finishes

I have put a few finishes to the stamped Cuttlebugged designs.
1. Kindy Glitz
2. Gold 3-D Kindy Glitz smudged on
3. Dimensional Magic
4. Dimensional Magic
5. Kindy Glitz
There is nothing stopping you from embossing and sewing and any other medium you would like to add.

Cuttlebugging Wallpaper

One day at school a student came to my door and said one of the art teachers found this book of wallpaper and wondered if I could use it. I grabbed it as I would and put it aside to play with.

I have bugged the floral paper but have only inked the striped. I love this embossing folder. i have had it a while but have not used it till now. So delicate and I think it would make a lovely baby's card or wedding card.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Scrapbooking Layout.

Jessica has 4 chickens and so i did a few layouts about her chickens. The lay eggs every day and they are so nice. This is page 1 of a double page layout.I used a stencil to do the title, Kaiser Stamps to do the arrow which is on cork and I used Libby's Nestabilities toi cut out the photo and matting.The paper is Basic Grey and the cardstock, Bazzill and the edges have been inked using Versa Colors.

Where i like to sit

This is one of my favourite places to sit outside when i am at home. I love it here amongst the greenery and the Jacaranda. The balcony is a North facing place and so nice in winter. I often eat my breakfast out here and do marking. By the looks of the chair it needs a good clean.

Cooper Beeing Naughty-never

When I came home from school one day a few weeks ago Cooper was cheeky to me. He said"Sup" meaning "shut up" when i asked him to stop doing something so his mother sent him to his room to think about what he said to his Mamar( me). Well, Amanda was on her computer and I was on mine and we both forgot about the little man. He is usually only in his room a short time and then he has to come and apologise. Brian came home from work and noticed Cooper asleep on the floor in his room and asked why he was there. Woops!!!! I grabbed my camera because he looked so cute. He often sleeps on the floor, we put him to bed and he gets up and lies there so he can see and hear under the door whats going on. We pick him up and put him back to bed. How cute.

Hanging Heart

When I was teaching craft at school I had to come up with a different project every week-well it wasn't hard for me as i love creating.However, at Christmas many of the children wanted to make Christmas Decorations but some didn't because of different ethnic backgrounds.So the students who believed in Christmas made this heart out of Christmas themed paper and the others out of another paper. Everybody
was happy.

Hand Made Container

Melanie bought a container back from Singapore many years ago and it was made of cardboard and covered with paper and folded flat and the base could move. I
liked it so much I copied it-well kind of out of chipboard and patterned paper. The paper is Basic Grey, the brad is a Bazzill brad and the ribbon is from Finishing Touch Ideas. I put all sorts of things in it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jessica's Concert

We had a fabulous day today. Jessica was in her Dance concert. Brian, Amanda and I met Mel, Gavin and Chloe at Riverside Theatre at Paramatta and we had fantastic seats upstairs looking down on the stage.Jessica was in 3 dances, jazz, tap and ballet and then in the finale. We couldn't believe how far she has come since joining the new dance school. She was fantastic and I had a tear in my eye while watching her.
Afterwards we all went for dinner to The Mediterranean Restaurant and had a nice family dinner. Then home and preparing for school tomorrow.
Photos will follow but not for awhile as we were not allowed to take photos and will have to wait for the professional ones.
Another great day with my family.

Cuttlebug stamping christmas tag

As you can see it is windy today and very cold for

a late Spring day.Why not make your stamped bauble into a gift tag for that special present.A little bit of Kindy Glitz will glitz it up to make it special. I used an eyelet in the hole which I set with A Fiskars Eyelet setter to add some deeper colour and to secure the tie which is an elasticised wrapping string.
Suggestion:- glue these onto chipboard for a Christmas Tree Decoration.

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose