Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This shows the close up of the buttons I used.This is the last share tonight as I am tired and need to go to bed. It has been very hot gere today-around 38 degrees celcius. I went for a swim early afternoon and cooled off. I have just on finished my reports and only have a few things to do to them now. About an hours work or a liitle more.

Once again another layout using diamonds. I made the diamond shape as a template and then cut out the diamond and stripe papers. The buttons are chipboard buttons covered in the cardstock.

I like this layout of Amanda. I did a lesson recently at Pecky's and at the Church crop the other week on using diamond papers. Many people have problems using these so I came up with lots if ideas.

This is a bright layout by me.Mel told me it isn't my usual style because I don't usually do layouts this bright.The blue was the perfect blue to match Amanda's jumper.

Is Anybody Reading My BLOG?
I love comments and get excited when somebody leaves a comment but there have been none for ages. I wonder if anybody is reading my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you are reading it please let me know so i can get excited. Perhaps I need a life LOL-getting excited because somebody is reading my blog. Not to worry, it is there as a form of history and memory of things I have been up to.Better go and do some ironing and then the rest of the reports that I have to get done by Friday.

I feel like Mr Wilson in Dennis the Menace. I was given a cutting of a cactus many years ago, put it in a pot and left it. To my utter joy and amazement the following year it bloomed like no other bloom I have in the garden. I was so excited.Each year this beautiful bloom occurs. As the cactus grows I get more blooms. it is one of those plants you forget about all year but around november every year it blooms for a week and that is it. Gone for another year.

Cooper loves to sit and play with his toys. he is such a contented little baby.

Just a simple layout showing Cooper eating his solids-these were the early days of his new solid eating adventure.

There is nothing nicer than the bond we share with our children. I did this layout when i was up at Amanda's last school holidays.

This is a Make and Take I am doing with my crop group this Saturday at Pecky's. It should be a fun one and I enjoyed doing it. A lot of work but most enjoyable.I have used Scrapbooking Australia papers. Love their new range of papers-Under the Sun.

Another day and I am so snowed under with school work etc. I am so over school at the moment.I am sick of people who don't do their share and all the paper work that is getting more and more every year. It never used to be like this when i first started teaching way back in 1976. Boy, have been around for a long time. LOL. I have friends overseas and they have said the same thing. After this week i will have more time because the reports will be done and i will have time to play-I hope anyway.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I used fabric around the border of this layout and hand cut flowers. How cute is Cooper.

Where has the time gone to? I haven't been on here in ages as I have been so busy with school and business.Another 3 weeks of marking and reports and then I will be done with marking and reports this year. Still lessons to teach and year 12 to work with.

Since I last wrote so many good and sad things have happened.

1. My dear friend Melba lost her health battle and her funeral was last Wednesday 8th November. I just loved this lady and I know I will always miss her. Some people come into your lives and touch a special place in your heart and Melba was one of those people.She was a great scrapbooking friend and camps and crops will never be the same again. I have known Melba for 6 years now and wish I had of had more time with her. But as the saying goes " better to have had her for a short time in my life than not at all."Well this is my saying.

2. The day after the funeral was the anniversary of another dear friend of mine Dave's death. Dave had been in my life for over 20 years and he was the husband of a dear friend of mine Ros who used to be my English penfriend but they both immigrated here in 1988. Ros and I have been friends for 43 years. I felt more sad a year after Dave's death than I did last year. I think this was because last year it was a relief that he was no longer in pain and battling. I miss his wit and sense of humour and our long chats.
Life is so difficult.

3.We did a fantstic Camp at Wiseman's ferry and met some great people. Have done crop days down at Nowra,Pecky's and Melanie's Church. All of which were great fun.

Lets hope I don't leave it so long before I write again.

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose