Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paper Flower Card and Pleated

I have done a few things on this card.

1.I bugged the card and inked it.
2.I put a wide strip of double sided tape across the card and then pleated the paper into it. Gave it a quick ink.
3.I stamped 2 sizes of flowers onto white cardstock and cut out and placed together and joined them with an eyelet.
4. I ruffed up the petals to give a 3D effect and put some Chrystallina Kindy Glitz in the centre.
5. I used a Kaisercraft wooden stamp for the sentiment.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Paper Flower Layout

These flowers can also be put on layouts as seen in this layout. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good shot without the sun and my flash isn't working on my camera atm to do it inside. These flowers are so versatile and can be used on cards, layouts, off the page etc.

I love Chatterbox papers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Martha Stewart Heart Flower

I love this Martha Stewart border punch. Besides using it as a border you can use the heart as an accent or as a flower. When you cut the heart out from the border make sure you cut the bottom part of the heart out as a scallop like the rest.

1. Punch the border to get 7 hearts.
2. Cut the hearts out and ink the edges.
3. Punch a circle and glue it on the cardstock.
4. Glue the 4 heart petals onto the circle evenly.
5. Take the other 3 hearts and crease them down the middle so they give a 3D appearance.
6. Glue the 3 petals into place.
7. Put a brad, button or gem etc in the centre.
There is nothing stopping you from making more layers.

Cropworks Mini Albums

I have been making these mini albums for Cropworks. I love mini albums. I am still part way through the boy mini album. Check out more photos of these mini albums on the Cropworks blog.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paper Flowers

Here are some more paper flowers I made in the weekend. They are so easy and also tie in with any layout you do to match the patterned paper you choose.

1. Draw a rough circle and divide it into as many petals as you wish.
2. Instead of cutting, tear.
3. Draw a smaller circle and repeat as above.
4. Fold the petals wherever you wish to give the petal appearance.
5. Secure it to the page with a brad, button, punched flower etc.
I made this one from some old double sided Making Memories patterned paper.
I teamed it with Chatterbox paper and Martha Stewart heart border. The sentiment is a wooden Kaisercraft stamp.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paper Flowers

Here is the same flower idea made from the same petals but instead of a whole flower I have created a part of. I love the Martha Stewart heart punch and the Cuttlebug with it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Paper Flower-2

Here is another version of my paper flower in another colour. I have enjoyed making them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paper Flowers

I was inspired by a frame I have of a sunflower to make these paper flowers. I looked at the ceramic sunflower and thought that I could make a paper version of it. So I made up a template of the flower and proceeded. It doesn't have to be a sunflower, it can be any other flower in different colours.

1.Punch a 2.5 cm circle.
2.Cut out 7 petals to fit around the circle.
3.Pleat the petals at the bottom to give a 3D image
4.Glue the petals on the back of the circle.
5.Ink the petals where the pleat is.
If you want to you can ink the petals all around before you pleat them.
I have used Chatterbox Patterned Paper because it is double sided and has a slight texture and is thin enough to work with.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easel Card-2

Here is the traditional Easel Card with the square. The main focus of this card are the flowers and the Cuttlebugged background. The background was done with my new Asian Bundle Embossing Folders.

These flowers are so cute and easy to make. I originally used to make them with fabric but these ones have been made using Chatterbox Patterned Papers. Notice the Martha Stewart border punched paper both at the top and bottom. The cardstock is from SALT. I have also used Kaisercraft pearls.
Punch 4 circles.
Fold each in half.
Weave each under and over each other while holding.
Place on a piece of double sided tape on your cardstock in the correct position needed.
Pop a Kaisercraft pearl in the centre.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easel Card

I have just made a few Easel Cards and enjoyed making them. I wanted to make this one with a different shape to the normal square. Naturally I have bugged the background with one of my new Cuttlebug folders from the Asian Line. I have used SALT cardstock and Treehouse Memories Patterned Papers.

The sentiment is a Kaisercraft wooden stamp and the flowers are also Kaisercraft but the acrylic ones.
I stamped these flowers then cut them out and then layered them off line so the petals are between each other. I then bent the top petals together to give a 3D appearance.

Paper Flowers-2

These flowers were fun to make. I have used Chatterbox Patterned Paper again as it is double sided, thin and slightly textured. I think i might have to make a tutorial on how to do these ones.

Anyway, I will give it a go in explaining how to make them.
1.I drew a spiral and then cut out the spiral as a long twisted piece.
2.I then rolled it around a tooth pick and glued the end of the paper in place so it didn't unravel.
3.At this stage the flower is quite high so what I did is get my thumb and squashed the flower down and you get this textured flower. You might have have to alter the petals a little here so they look like petals. Sometimes I have to do this and sometimes not. You never get the same flower.
4.I have used Gel Medium to glue them in place.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper flowers

A very easy paper flower to make but a little fiddly. I have used double sided Chatterbox patterned paper for this. It is a thin paper and rolls and creases easily without tearing.

The bigger flower
I have drown 5 circles freehand inside each other.
I have then cut around the circumference of each circle but have left a little paper so the circles do not come apart.
I have then randomly turned the edges up to form petals.
Then I have glued it to the cardstock. Notice you can see the background colour behind some of the petals.
The smaller flower
I did the same as the bigger one but have only drawn 3 circles.
I then glued the smaller flower on top of the bigger one and put a Kaisercraft pearl in the centre.
The grass
This is just a thin strip of paper that has been cut almost down to the bottom along the length.
I inked it and glued it to the cardstock.
When it was dry I scuffed some up.
Leaves and stem
I did these freehand.

Jessica's art work

Jessica gave this to me on Wednesday when I was over there. She made it at art class. I just love it. She is so talented for a 7 year old. I love texture and this has texture. I am going to frame it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cuttlebug Card

I haven't been in a real creating mood of late but needed to get going so made a few cards that were simple but teamed up with various papers and techniques to make me do some things. I have been so overworked with school, family and lessons for Cropworks camps and crops that I haven't had time to create. I have missed it. I need more hours.

This card uses SALT cardstock, scraps of Chatterbox patterned paper, punched flowers and naturally my trusty Cuttlebug.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cuttlebug and Martha Stewart

I made this card using the Cuttlebug and a Martha Stewart punch. The flowers have been punched and I used a souffle pen to do the centres and a Versa Cube to shade. I cut the leaves freehand and shaded them. Like all my other cards I used Gel Medium to stick everything down.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wee Jasper

Over Easter Brian and I went to Wee Jasper camping with some friends from the 4x4 club. We had a wonderful time there and it was very relaxing. One day we went driving and another we went hiking through the bush. The trail was steep but thanks to the rope it helped us pull ourselves up the steep incline. The Easter Bunny even found me there and I received some eggs.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sympathy Card

I made this card for a friend who lost loved one. Sympathy cards are always hard to make.

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose