Monday, December 08, 2008


Brian and I went to Church with Mel, Gavin,Jess and Chloe on Sunday. It was rather exciting for me as it was the first time Brian has actually been to church of a Sunday with me. However, he went to see Jessica perform in a play about Jesus's birth. She was an Angel. I left my camera at home so will have to wait until I have Mel's photos to share. She was so excited to see us there. We had lunch at the church afterwards and it was a 3 course meal and very nice. I was a lovely way to spend time with family.
We went and checked out a house we like and would like to put on our new block when we retire. I want it now. LOL.
Then we went to dinner at a friend's place.

Saturday night was just as busy. We went out for dinner with the Science staff and then back here for dessert and coffee.

I am so over food at the moment.
Was a good weekend.


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose