Monday, December 19, 2005

I had a fantastic day today. I went to the post office and received a fantastic Christmas present from my very dear friend in America,Rhonda Johnson. There were so many goodies in it, an Elvis presley DVD, gorgeous photo frame, book, stickers, a lovely table runner which I absolutely adore, Candles, fibre braid and the list goes on. I will take a photo and post it here.
I then picked up Amanda and we drove along the new highway called M7 to Melanie's place. Amanda minded Jessica while Melanie and I went out to lunch and had a business meeting. We had a plate of seafood, a bottle of wine and coffee. The restaurant was at Norwest and on the man-made lake. I could do this every day.
We went back to Melanie's and stayed a little while longer. Then Amanda and I went to a Nutri-metics Christmas party.
I arrived home 12 hours after I left and was very tired but satisfied after having a wonderful day with my family.


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose