Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Award from Monica

Look at the award I have just won. As Monica said I love awards. It must be the kid still in me. Monica and I have been friends for a long time. We were first pen pals and now blog pals. I hope Monica will always be in my life both here and for eternity. I value her friendship. I first was introduced to Monica when she was a teacher-so I have been through many of her ups and downs. I have said many a prayer for her . I love Monica's blog full of wonderful Quotes, photos around Sweden of which I have an affiliation as I spent 3 wonderful months there many many years ago-1975-76.
The Honest Scrap Award, with and without Stipulations This is the direct link to Monica's post about the award. I don't have the time to send the award to 7 different people and put their direct links up here at the moment. I have 4 weeks of excess work so will write 10 things about me and leave it at that for the moment. Thanks Monica for not putting up rules I have to follow.
1.I was born in Newcastle Australia and lived there for 30 years.
2.I met my husband in Singapore while on a holiday with my parents and daughter.
3.I have been teaching for 34 years. Not many left-am getting tired.
4.I love reading but don't get time to do it at the moment. Love children's books still like Enid Blyton and Anne of Green Gables.
5. Love to sit at my computer of a morning and drink coffee and check my e-mails and blogs.
6. Love Autumn and Spring-the colours the feelings the warmth.
7. Miss my parents every day-they were always a vital part of my life. 10 years this year since my father died and 7 years since my mother died.
8.Love scrapbooking and cardmaking. I especially love making mini albums.
9.Have bought an acre of land to retire to in the Vineyards. Can hardly wait to move up there.
10. Love my Friday nights when Brian and I turn off the TV for the night and we have a special meal prepared by me and a bottle of wine and we chat.


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose