Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Had a fantastic Easter. We went away with the 4 wheel drive club to Wee Jasper. I have wanted to go there for ages as it has many memories for me. My Uncle used to own a farm called Coodravale and I have many memories of going there with my parents. While we were in Wee Jasper we went to a trivia night with the locals (Wee Jasper has 60 residents) and I got talking to a gentleman and he lived on the farm-he and his father now own Coodravale. He invited us over to see the farm and the old house which was magnificent in its day. I was so overwhelmed with emotion while I was htere. i could see my Mother cooking cakes in the kitchen (the kitchen was still how I remembered it), I could see myself hiding on the verandah from my cousin as he was always biting me, I could see the quarters away from the house where my parents slept, i could see the girls bedrooms that I thought was wonderful as a young girl and i could see the grates across the driveway that stopped the sheep from coming in. All these memories came flooding back when i saw the old homestead. How lovely of Colin to show me around.
We went on a trip into the National park, visited some caves, went on another property and saw some magnificent scenery and visited Burrinjuck Dam which was spectacular.
The days were nice and warm but the nights were freezing. I was so cold at night in our caravan.
We had a lovely time.
Photos to follow soon.


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose