Friday, May 28, 2010

Paper Flowers from Serviettes

Here is a paper flower I made from Serviettes. I made these from the class i went to at SIA when i went to the Glimmer Mist Class. Instead of throwing these out I kept them and brought them home to play and create with them.

I will do a step by step tutorial one day soon showing you how to make them.
I cut out 8 circles and folded them in half and then half again.
I pinched each along the curved circumference section and then stuck them on cardstock. I repeated this for all of the petals. I then scrunched up some more serviette left overs and glued it in the centre. I then cut out the pink cardstock so it was still showing and then glued the whole lot onto a paper doily.


films, books and other things said...

Hey Mizz!!(it's me devayani)
I started a blog a few months ago, found you through Jaki! =] I really like the paper flowers from serviettes, Veryy Cool!
How have u been?

Ann Flowers said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose