Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper flowers

A very easy paper flower to make but a little fiddly. I have used double sided Chatterbox patterned paper for this. It is a thin paper and rolls and creases easily without tearing.

The bigger flower
I have drown 5 circles freehand inside each other.
I have then cut around the circumference of each circle but have left a little paper so the circles do not come apart.
I have then randomly turned the edges up to form petals.
Then I have glued it to the cardstock. Notice you can see the background colour behind some of the petals.
The smaller flower
I did the same as the bigger one but have only drawn 3 circles.
I then glued the smaller flower on top of the bigger one and put a Kaisercraft pearl in the centre.
The grass
This is just a thin strip of paper that has been cut almost down to the bottom along the length.
I inked it and glued it to the cardstock.
When it was dry I scuffed some up.
Leaves and stem
I did these freehand.

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DawnTreader said...

This is really a piece of art... I continue to be amazed at your flow of inspiration! :)

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose