Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Recycled Tin

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I found this container in my cupboard empty. I have bugged a piece of patterned paper for the bottom part. Stamped a piece with a Keisercraft wooden stamp and have added more patterned paper and ribbon.
I have used Gel Medium to glue everything onto my tin.
The flower at the top is an Oragami flower that a very special student of mine made for her HSC last year. She made hundreds of them and gave me a few. I have painted it green and inked the tips with red and rubbed Kindy Glitz on the petals.
I have pulled one of these flowers apart and will show you how to make it later on.

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Leah said...

Ok before I comment on your project, I wanted to tell you how sweet and wonderful all the pictures are of your family. I guess I have that same family love as you do so it meant a lot to me.
I also find it wonderfully meaningful that you've left dedications to woman you have lost that were part of this amazing crafting world.
I never got to know her but have some of the crafts that my late great aunt had done..they were beyond amazing for that time and mean so much to me!
Ok with all that said...LOL...what a terrific project and gorgeous flower! This is just stunning and made my day to come across you blog. Blessing! Leah (CBS DT member)

Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose