Monday, September 14, 2009

Tin of encouragement

This tin was made by Gail from Nowra for my daughter Melanie who lost her baby daughter recently. The girls from Scrap of Faith made tags to go in the tin. The tin sits on a table and when the need arises you take a tag out and read the Bible verse. It is so comforting and helpful during such hard times. How wonderful and thoughtful are these girls. Melanie was wrapped with the tin and the verses.

I am sorry girls but I don't know who did what tag to give you credit.
Gail does incredible craft work and is a very special lady.
I love tags and always have. I am going to make myself a tin like this and put my favourite Bible verses in it.
What a lovely idea for a present for somebody special or who is going through a difficult time. It is during these hard times that we need to know people care and are there for encouragement and support.

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miss~nance said...

Rose-Anne thank you for sharing how our tin of hope has bought encouragement to both Mel & you. The girls really do make beautiful tags (which as you know are not my thing). Praying that God's word continues to comfort and encourage you both as you lean on him in your daily walk.

Love you both (((()))


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose