Monday, September 18, 2006

Boy have I had a busy weekend. Saturday Melanie and I went down to Nowra for our crop and we took our shop-I should be poet LOL. I did 2 demonstrations and they went well especially the mask class. I sold practically all my masks but what thrilled me the most was the number of ladies who went and did some masks on their pages and showed me. I was so impressed and thrilled.
We laft there around 11pm and got home 1am sunday morning. Mela nd I had a few drinks and then went to bed. I found it hard to sleep.
I was up early the next morning and emptied Brian's car and then set out to The Crop for a Cure. Was nice meeting up with friends there and meeting new people.
Then it was home and up to Mel's church for the seminars we are doing there. We brought Jess home with us so Mel could work the next day.

I had alovely time with Jess today and I wore her out. She is so funny. Now this little girl has a strange grandmother-LOL Thats me!!! I have false teeth-well 2 anyway that i pull out to cleana nd she always has something to say about that and I have a tatoo of a rose on my hip and she always wants to have a look at my stampa nd has soemthing to say about that. Then this morning she came into our room at 6 and both Brian and i were asleepa nd because I have sleep apnea I wear a mask which is attached to my breathing machine and she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw this on me. So now she has something else to ask me about. I don't think there is anything else strange about me -that is to a little child LOL.


Elissa Rose

In loving memory of my granddaughter Elissa Rose